Civilian sponsors are to complete Sections 1 - 5. Miltary sponsors are to complete Sections 1 - 6. In both instances, completed forms are to be returned to RAF Wyton Area Voluntary Band by email or by post.

Section 1 - Sponsor Details

Organisation: Tel:

Authorised Representative / Point of Contact:

Rank/Title Email:
Init(s) & Surname: Tel:
(Military sponsors only)
Registered Charity No
If applicable

Section 2 - Event Details

Event Title: Date(s):
  DD/MM/YYYY(, ...)

Please provide full address, including post code

If there are multiple requirements for one event, please complete a separate form for each ensemble required.
If Otherhas been selected, please specify your
Please note that the Band may not be able to provide the ensemble that you have requested and may offer an alternative considered
suitable for your event.
Music Timings: Start Playing at: Cease Playing at:
24-hour clock format HH:MM

Purpose of Event:

Note: If the event is a parade the sponsor must provide a full Administration Order including a map of the Parade route showing assembly/dispersal points and location of the saluting dais.
Additional Music
Requirements for
Enter details of any additional requirements such as Regimental Marches (including order of precedence), Anthems
or individual pieces. If additional music requirements are identified this form should be submitted at least 15
working days prior to the event, noting that later submissions may limit or negate the Band's ability to provide the
additional requirments.

Section 3 - Audience

Audience Type: VIP Attendance:
TV/Radio: Audience Attendance:

Section 4 - Marketing and Advertising

Venue Brochure Internet: Mailshot:
Poster/Flyer: TV: Newspaper:
Military Internal: Radio:

Section 5 - Charity Events

If this is a fundraising event, what is your net target? £

Section 6 - 1* Clearance for Community Engagement (E) Events

(Military sponsors only)

Section 7 - Health & Safety, Public Liability and Public Performance Licence

(External Venues Only)
Acceptance of the engagement is subject to the following:

1. A satisfactory risk and hazard assessment of the venue, demonstrating compliance with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
and including all regulations as stated in the Premises Licence or Venue hire agreement in relation to the event.
The sponsor is to obtain and provide for our records copies of any H&S Risk and/or Hazard Assessments relating to the venue
and performance area, and must advise the RAF Wyton Area Voluntary Band if the venue cannot provide any such assessments

2. Provision of a Public Liability Insurance Certificate for the event, with evidence of £5M claim limit per incident (unlimited as
to the number of incidents).

3. Provision of a current (at the time of the event) and appropriate Premises Licence in accordance with the provisions of the
Licensing Act 2003 or other local council regulations (if applicable to the venue.).

Section 8 - Miscellaneous Information


Once this request has been processed by the RAF Wyton Area Voluntary Band (WAVB) and the issued Terms & Conditions have been accepted, a formal
contract will be deemed to exist between the sponsor (as the customer) and the WAVB (as the provider) and subsequent cancellation of this contract
must be notified to the WAVB in writing. If the contract is cancelled within 28 calendar days of the event the sponsor may be held liable for a
cancellation fee of up to £100 to cover administrative costs and out of pocket expenses.


Sponsors should note that the Military Wives Choir is not part of the Wyton Area Voluntary Band. Requests for their services at a
Wyton Band Concert should be submitted by email to:

OR print completed form and return to:

Voluntary Band Instructor
RAF Wyton Area Voluntary Band
RAF Wyton
PE28 2EA